Train The Trainer

We can also train your trainers in all aspects of command training and simulation.

Organisations will often run exercises or provide training to validate their processes, and provide corporate assurance. They will often invest considerable resources, into delivering the corporate assurance, but will often overlook an essential consideration…….

How do you validate the exercise or the training provider?

Many organisations, especially emergency services focus on the ‘in role’ ability to translate role related knowledge and skills into the exercise arena, yet this may not be sufficient to provide assurance, that what you are doing is fit for purpose.

Do the trainers know and understand the application of decision making in the real world environment, and how to build that into their exercise regime?

Do they know if a linear or spatial exercise is more appropriate?

Do they know the difference between a training exercise and an assessment exercise structure, and how to run each type?

Do they know how to define an exercise that will explore develop and test the appropriate interactions to provide the assurance you seek?

Do they know how to assess – and what criteria to assess to, and how to design and conduct an exercise to meet those needs?

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs – we can audit your existing provision, or provide training and development for your existing teams, in a cost effective package that meets your specific needs.